World MS Day 2014

Wednesday 28 May 2014 is a special day across the world! Today 68 countries unite to spread the word about MS!

One of our clients, and supporters, David Coyle, has written a very personal story in The Scottish Sun about his MS and has talked about the care and support he receives from Revive MS Support and the Southern General Hospital.  Click here to read his story.

What will you do today to raise awareness? Why not make our World MS Day logo your profile photo on Facebook today, or take a photo of yourself in a Revive MS Support tshirt and tweet it to your followers.

None of those ideas take your fancy? You could always share your own story with a friend or neighbour and help them understand how MS affects you!

If you want to know more about MS, then check out the pages of our website to see how Revive can help you!