Wallacewell Primary visits Revive

Revive experiences a number of visitors each month from potential clients, student nurses, high school children and various others with an interest in finding out more about what we offer people living with MS.

Today, we were delighted to welcome our youngest ever visitors from a class at Wallacewell Primary School. 

Their teacher Kate has been working with the pupils on a project to raise awareness of MS as part of MS Awareness Week 2015.

angela doing exercise with Wallacewell pupils

They spent a couple of hours talking to our staff and therapists and experiencing some of the equipment that our clients use to keep them fit.  They took turns on the mota-med machine to see who could last the longest, then Jacob, one of our physiotherapists, suggested our Senior Manager Angela had a turn.  The children were very good at cheering her on!

If you are involved in teaching, or would be interested in finding out what goes on at Revive, please get in touch below.

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