Improving breathing for individuals living with MS

Revive MS Support was nominated to take part in the Community Fund by one of the bank’s employees, Denise.  When asked why Revive is important to Denise, she said:

This organisation is amazing in that it helped me (and many others in the community) come to terms with a Multiple Sclerosis diagnosis, inspired me to live life to the full and educated me on the many different treatments available.  A lot of people (and GPs) don’t understand the condition as it has so many variances – MS Revive does understand.  They gave me hope that the disease is not a death sentence.  I needed that and so do many others.  But it’s charity funded and relies on support from any source willing to help.

What is our breathing project? We want to grow and improve our new breathing class, run by one of our Senior Physiotherapists in our Outreach Service in Cathcart.  Many of our clients who attend Cathcart are severely disabled and practising a specific type of physical exercise which concentrates solely on breathing.  The class takes place in a seated position which means that it is suitable for those who are fully or partially mobile as well as those who use wheelchairs.  In this group, our physiotherapist teaches a combination of relaxed breathing techniques together with a cycle of inspiratory and expiratory techniques and breath control.

Why we need new funding: In order to grow and improve this service to the clients, we would like to purchase six pep masks which our clients would use when attending the class then take home to practice.  ‘Pep’ masks help clear secretions in obstructed airways by opening them up increasing individuals their ventilation.  In addition, we would use a grant to pay for research and evaluation of this piece of work.  We know there are many benefits and we would like to measure and evidence these over a period of time. We would apply to Charitable Trusts and Corporates for future support of this work.

How will people benefit from this project: The aims of these breathing classes are to strengthen the respiratory muscle which will improve our client’s control of breathing, promote relaxation, reduce the number of chest infections and reduce the energy levels on breathing in order to cope better with fatigue.  The benefits are vast and include, better breath control, improving self confidence, allowing effective removal of secretions prior, during and after infections which facilitates recovery and overall improving respiratory muscle strength.  Clients can see an improvement in their breathing within a three to six month period, but perhaps quicker if they practice at home on a daily basis.

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