Unpaid Carers access to Covid-19 vaccine

Following changes to JCVI advice on the use of alternative vaccines for the under 30s population, we need to be able to match those under 30 to clinics that are not solely offering the AstraZeneca (AZ) vaccine. To minimise the risk of people being appointed to the wrong clinic type, we are adapting our registration options.

You are eligible for vaccination and should register if all of the following statements apply to you:
o You are 16 to 64 years old;
o You provide face-to-face care and support to one or more family members, friends or neighbours;
o The care you provide is not part of a contract or voluntary work;
o If caring for someone under 18, they are affected by a disability, physical or mental ill-health, developmental condition or substance misuse; and
o You have not already received your first COVID-19 vaccination or vaccination appointment letter.

The registration system will change from 26 April.  Please check out the newsletter below for more information.