At Revive MS Support we have the technology to link to our clients homes via a web-based video connection. This is something that you may already be using as it works off the NHS Attend Anywhere Service.

What this means for us at Revive MS Support is that we can extend our excellent services to people living with MS anywhere in Scotland. Services available by this link are: Counselling, Mindfulness/Relaxation, Specialist Nurse Advice, Physiotherapy advice and Speech & Language advice and support (particularly with problems with memory).

We do, however, have a criteria that our clients require to meet to access this service:
You must be unable to access either our main centre at Govan, Glasgow and any of our three centres at Southside Glasgow, Carluke or Hamilton.

  • This may be due to restriction in your ability to physically leave your home or due to possible severe anxiety.
  • It may also be due to geographical restrictions, e.g. distance required to travel may be challenging, if not impossible if you live elsewhere in Scotland.
  • We also recognise that people in full-time employment may also have time restrictions that mean access to the centre is difficult.

If you are interested in accessing these services please complete the form below and our Clinical Manager (Margaret Campbell) will be in direct contact with you. She will discuss, in more detail, your requirements and forward you the instructions for accessing this service.

You may already be a client who has previously used our services. However, if Revive MS Support is a new service to you we will also require you to be registered on our client data base. All contacts made via the web-link will be treated in strict confidence.

Should you which any further clarification about this service please do not hesitate to contact our Clinical Manager 0141 945 3344 or

We hope you contact us and look forward to being able to extend the availability of our services – to being able to open our ARMSS to encompass a wider embrace to the people of Scotland who live with MS every day.

Please complete the form below

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If yes, which one:
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