Oxygen Therapy

(Oxygen Therapy – OT)

Oxygen Therapy uses 100% oxygen to treat a variety of different conditions from decompression sickness to Multiple Sclerosis. Oxygen is delivered into a pressure chamber at a higher level than atmospheric pressure by a trained operator, and patients are constantly monitored throughout their session.

We have one oxygen chamber running full time at our Govan Centre. Oxygen therapy has been in use since the Centre was founded in 1984 and has greatly benefited many of our clients – from helping to manage certain symptoms of MS, to facilitating speedier recovery from sports injuries and severe burns.

What to expect?

A session in the chamber lasts just over one hour. In the session, the chamber is pressurised and the client breathes 100% oxygen through a lightweight mask.

Although no claims are made about the effectiveness of Oxygen Therapy, many clients who use this facility report benefits for certain symptoms of their MS.

Possible benefits of oxygen therapy:

  • May help to slow down the progression of MS
  • Breathing 100% oxygen can greatly enhance the body’s ability to repair damaged tissue before it becomes scarred – it is the scarring that hinders messages travelling along the nerves from the brain to limbs, which ultimately results in disability
  • Although it is not a cure, this type of therapy has been credited as helping some users to gain relief from symptoms such as fatigue, poor balance and mobility, sensory perception difficulties, incontinence and in some cases speech problems
  • You can keep occupied whilst receiving your oxygen treatment by reading, or even playing cards or a board game with your fellow patients
  • You are able to communicate easily with the chamber operators

If you are interested in finding out more or wish to consider a pilot course of treatment, please make an appointment to speak to our MS Nurse, Julie Dock, by calling 0141 945 3344.