MS Nurse

Our MS nurse is available to provide advice and support on all aspects of managing the symptoms of MS to people with MS, their family and carers.

When people apply to attend Revive MS Support for the first time, an appointment is made for them to meet our MS Nurse, Julie. During this appointment the client will have the opportunity to discuss their experience of MS so far and to find out more about what Revive MS Support can offer them.

We endeavour to provide continuing support for our clients and those close to them. MS is a disease which can be unpredictable by nature and so clients may use the centre as and when they wish. They may not wish to attend for long periods of time. This is wholly understandable and an accepted part of the service which we provide.

MS is a progressive long term condition and so an individual’s situation will change over time. We make every effort possible to ensure that the needs of the client continue to be met.

Continence Advice

Our Continence Nurse is available to discuss any needs you may have with your bladder and/or bowel. The appointment mainly takes the form of a discussion and should any intervention be necessary then this is usually arranged for a future date.

This is a free service and we offer completely impartial advice and support. No matter how small the question, advice is always available. The appointment can be made to see the nurse either at our Centre in Glasgow, or in your own home.

Please contact us on 0141 945 3344 for further information.