Here at Revive we offer a compassionate, confidential counselling service to people with MS and their carers.    Many clients find it very helpful to talk about what they are going through to someone outside of their family and friends.

Our service is based on Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, an approach which has been shown to be very effective for symptoms of anxiety and depression, and for those coming to terms with big changes in their lives.  By looking at the links between thoughts, emotions, physical feelings and behaviours, people are able to make changes which help them to live more fulfilling lives.

We have a number of carefully supervised student CBT therapists with us on placement to enhance our team.  

Sessions are generally offered face to face in our centre but there is the option treatment over Zoom for those who can’t get in to Revive. 

Your first appointment will be about finding out how your difficulties are currently affecting you and what your goals for counselling are.  

Please call us on 0141 945 3344, send us an email or use our contact us form to get more information if you are interested in accessing counselling support.