Revive to Thrive Campaign

People with MS suffer more than most at times like this. Living with eight chronic symptoms, day-to-day, half with MS-related depression, anxiety and sleep problems, others with difficulty walking, talking, swallowing and doing other things we all take for granted, many find it difficult to cope without extra help.

This is the vital work our specialist staff team does at Revive MS Support. But our income from events has dried up (leaving us down around £10k a month) and we need your help so that, post-virus, our face-to-face provision remains intact. 1,700 people with MS are depending on this, as are the 200 new people who turn to us every year.

Were asking our supporters to give 5 for Revive – if everyone gives us £5 or more (whatever you can manage) it will ensure the future sustainability of Revive.

Its that simple.

Like us, many charities face temporary shut-down, but with your support we can bounce back even stronger. Help us make sure that everyone living with the pain and suffering caused by MS can get the specialist help they need.

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