Help us be there for every single person living with MS when they need our support

Thank you for the terrific support you’ve given us at Revive over the past year.

For us, it’s been Back to the Future in 2021!
We’re seeing about 200 people back through our doors again every week. Many are distraught and suffering physically, emotionally and mentally after lockdown/ shielding. Some are at crisis point.

Like Anne (pictured here), who has chronic MS symptoms and turned to us in desperation after she lost her job and found out she wasn’t eligible for benefits. She was devastated. Anne called Revive and was referred to our Welfare and Benefits Officer, Alan Steven, who is helping her to appeal the decision. This has completely restored her peace of mind: “I just knew he was the person to help me. Revive is support when you need it, and I really needed it that day”.

We asked for your support last Christmas to keep our doors open for people like Anne. This was a real lifesaver, helping her and hundreds of others to bounce back over the past year, despite the pandemic and against all the odds.

In fact, we were so overwhelmed by your support that, this Christmas, we asked our clients to tell us in their own words what it has meant to them to be back at Revive. We’ll be sharing some of their heartfelt stories on social media throughout December, and you can see some of these videos at the bottom of this article.

This includes Ian (75). Counting on us for crucial exercise-based physiotherapy for the past 35 years – which scientists now say “can prevent and even repair some of the brain damage caused by MS”! – he suddenly had to adjust to life without Revive. Pandemic restrictions meant he couldn’t access our Centre for nine months. During this time, Ian struggled to stay mobile and experienced the “slow burn” typical of MS – he describes the experience as “scary”, noting that: “If it wasn’t for (Revive), where would we be? There’s nowhere else to go”!

In 2022, our goal is to get Back to the Future, to provide life-line services for every single person with MS (like Anne and Ian), that needs our support, right when they need it.

As Marty put it in the iconic film: less “Heavy, Doc!”, more “Let’s Rock”!

You can help us deliver this critical support and provide the intensive rehabilitation that so many people like Ian need to get fully back on track in 2022.

(Oh and, by the way, if we reach our £10,000 target, the National Emergencies Trust might even give us a top-up to boost our efforts – so please give as much as you can!)

This year, we’ve made it even easier to donate with crowdfunder, just go to:

Below our clients, carers and staff share their experiences of life at Revive before and during the pandemic and what the charity means to them. Click on the images to watch the video stories.

“I really appreciate and value all the staff and volunteers at Revive, they are amazing!”

– Caroline L.

“I’ve been coming to Revive for 35 years. It was a boost to my self-esteem to come back after 9 months.

– Ian L.

I felt very isolated during the pandemic and Revive has opened a whole new world to me.”

– Fiona B.

“Attending the Carers Group at Revive has been a Godsend”

– Susan C..

“I now attend the Centre 3 days a week and am loving the kid-on karate on a Friday! (Tai Chi)”

– Gordon H.