Pilotlight stamp of approval

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Pilot Light

You may have noticed the Pilotlight logo on our website and wondered what it meant. 

Pilotlight is a charitable organisation bringing together business people with charities and managing the relationship to coach charities through the process of becoming more sustainable and efficient.

The logo on our website is recognition from Pilotlight which shows that the team at Revive have undergone a process, led by a multi-disciplinary team of professionals, who have coached us to put together our 3-5 year strategic plan.  This forms the direction that Revive aspire to go in to ensure our sustainability in the future.

It’s been an interesting process, lasting a year, with lots of homework for the Senior Management Team to do in between meetings, but the outcome has definitely been worth it! Check out our revised mission and vision statements here.

Please click on the logo to check out our journey with the Pilotlight team.