New report launched

New report offers solutions to make human rights a reality for disabled people

Independent Living in Scotland (ILiS) have published the report of the second event of their ‘Solutions Series’; ‘Rights to reality – implementation of Article 19 of the UNCRPD in Scotland’.  Download the report.
The United Nations Convention on the Rights of Disabled People (UNCRPD) in Scotland re-affirms the human rights of disabled people.  It underpins and promotes an understanding of disability and independent living that recognises the essential role of “material support” in ensuring that disabled people can “participate in society and lead an ordinary life”.
This Solutions Series event built on the UK Parliament’s Joint Committee on Human Rights (JCHR) Inquiry into implementation of Article 19 of the UNCRPD across the UK.   Discussion on the day highlighted that widespread misunderstanding of human rights and how they relate to independent living, promotes conflict and division, rather than equality, participation and independent living, and that various mechanisms are required to work together to implement it effectively.  
Some of the solutions offered included:

  • development of a framework of action on the UNCRPD 
  • supporting people to better understand the relationship between independent living and human rights – including securing well-funded Disabled People’s Organisations (DPO’s) who have sufficient resources and support to speak out when things go wrong so that they highlight the realities facing disabled people
  • an Independent Living Act which would include a strategic duty on national and local government to have due regard to the rights of disabled people to live independently and be included in their community; and; to build capacity around legal representation by setting up disability law centres. 

ILiS plan to look at how best to develop a framework of action on the UNCRPD, and how this may relate to the current Strategic Approach to Independent Living and the work on Scotland’s National Action Plan.  
If you have any questions about the ‘Solutions Series’, thoughts on topics for future events or feedback on the report, please get in touch with the ILiS project team. 

Email: or Phone:  0141 248 1943