MS Awareness Week at Dobbies Braehead

Our local charity partnership with Dobbies Braehead really helped us to make the most of MS Awareness Week 2016.  The shop gave us the opportunity to be in-store all week to raise awareness and collect money.  Events volunteer, Jane Butler, has been working hard to build up a group called ‘Friends of Revive’, and we thought it was an ideal time to put them into action! As you can see here, we had loads of our ‘friends’ sign up to man our stand for the whole week, which was amazing.  It’s the first time we’ve ever tried to do anything like this.

team of volunteers

During the week our team of volunteers, many of who have MS, or have a partner with MS, encountered a number of people with the condition, who didn’t know about the services available at Revive.  It was also a good way of letting people know about our upcoming move to Govan.  Over the week, we managed to collect a whopping £260 in our bucket, so a brilliant week altogether.  Hopefully we’ll be able to do the same next year!

On Friday night, Dobbies also allowed us to hold a quiz night in their afternoon tea area.  We had 10 teams and LIam Priest as quizmaster and raised a further £217!

Thank you to everyone who contributed to make this week special.  Next important date is World MS Day on Wednesday 25 May.

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