MS Awareness Week 2016

When new volunteer Jess came for a tour round the centre, we wanted to make sure to match up her amazing skills, as she is currently studying law, to something that would engage her and help her learn about MS and the work of Revive.  What better then than a blog series the staff team came up with at a brain-storming session quite a while ago! (2014 – it’s been a busy time at Revive!)

Jess has now delivered a blog on each day of MS Awareness Week, looking at a different aspect of movement, mobility and support.

Click on the images below to have a look at the blogs, which are fantastic, and a real personal insight into Jess the person as she is on her own journey learning about this very complex condition and the people it affects.

Big Coffe Cup   Saab 

Physiotherapist support with walking stick   Bridge  

Mamma Mia

MS Awareness Week 2016 runs from 25 April until 1 May. Get in touch if you would like to know more about how to get involved with the work of Revive MS Support.  If you have been inspired by Jess, please talk to us about being a guest blogger for Revive.

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