Making the Right Move

Have you ever been involved in the ‘Revive shuffle’? Sometimes finding a spot to sit and eat your toastie between appointments can be challenging.

On one hand it is fantastic to see that so many of you have found us and benefit from the many activities on offer here, but this comes at a price…namely, SPACE! Not to mention that there are many more things we’d like to provide but can’t as we’ve ran out of rooms.

Moving the centre has been on the cards for about 7 years, but there have been many issues to consider, some biggies include:
•    Where would we move to?
•    How are we going to move the hyperbaric chambers?

When the decision was finally made that there was no other option than to move to a bigger building, a checklist was made up to help us find our new home.  This wasn’t a wishlist, but a list of important criteria that would make sure the new building meets everyones needs that use Revive now and in the future.

This list took us to over 50 properties in the Greater Glasgow area, and in the end one building shone out.

Photo of Moorpark Court

This is Moorpark Court in Govan. It’s got lots of space for our services, lots of parking spaces, good transport links and is easy to access from the M8, Clyde Tunnel etc.  It’s also quite close to the Southern General, as the West of Scotland’s main MS unit, I think you’ll be familiar as to how to get there.

We’ve just had a week of client consultation in the Maryhill centre to provide information about the move.  This is only the first talk; there will be many opportunities to have your say. We want to know what you think to make sure we get it right.

However, the move isn’t happening right now.  Life will continue as normal at Revive for at least the next 18 months.

There will be information on the website, and all of our social media as we go along, in fact, by the time we move you’ll be sick of hearing about it.  But for now, please bear with us, as we make sure that we get the right information online that you need to know now.

This is an exciting next step for our small charity that has spent 30 years reaching out to more and more people with MS in Scotland. Please come and talk to us if you’re in the centre, or check out our noticeboard for more information.

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