Let’s Get Physical!

The Revive Physio Team are very aware from talking to lots of our clients that you’re missing accessing the Revive Gym and keeping yourselves active during this current lockdown. They have been busy working on a solution!

Revive’s Lead Physio Isabel Horsfall and Physio Student Lorna Laide have created an on-demand exercise programme designed for people with Multiple Sclerosis that experience some mobility problems.  It lasts around 30 minutes, and is seated throughout.  This is the first of a number of planned exercise programmes that you will be able to access online at a time that suits you.

As Isabel mentions in the video, this may not be suitable for everyone with MS, so please exercise as safely as you can.  If you have any questions, please contact isabel@revivemssupport.org.uk.


We hope that you ‘enjoyed’ that and can feel the benefit.  Keep your eyes open in the next few weeks as we upload some more programmes to keep you moving at home.