Going that extra mile for MS

David McTeague decided to take on a massive personal challenge in our 30th anniversary! At the end of April he cycled from London to Paris in April.  The challenge took 4 days and was around 300 miles. Anyone that knows David will know it wias a huge challenge for him!

David’s motivation for this challenge is his dad Stephen:

My dad, Stephen, has been suffering from Multiple Sclerosis for as long as I can remember. Dad was a talented musician in his twenties (much like myself…sort of!!) and it was around this time that he was diagnosed with MS. Since then it has taken away his ability to play music; it has taken away his ability to speak; it has taken away his ability to walk. It has pretty much taken away everything that any healthy person might take for granted.

To hear the full story , see more at: http://revivemssupport.blogspot.co.uk/#sthash.R0vDrR4S.dpuf