UK Challenge Events 2018

Are you up for an adventure in 2018? The events below could be just the challenge you've been looking for! With Revive MS as your sponsor, you will be helping to improve the lives of those living with MS.

Clydeside Zipline: Saturday, 16th of June


Tough Mudder: Saturday, 16th of June; Friday, 17th of June


Pedal for Scotland: Sunday, 9th of September


Please let us know if you're taking part in a challenge event to raise funds for Revive and we'll send you a lovely Revive t-shirt to wear on the day.

We can help you set up an online fundraising page for you to make sure you reach friends and family in any part of the world. Or just click here to get started!  You can also download and print a sponsor form.

If you would like further details please call the fundraising team on 0141 945 3344 or by email.