We invite you to take part in the Revive MS Support - Annual £50 Challenge


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The £50 Challenge is all about using your business skills and innovation to raise funds for people affected by the incurable condition MS.


Over 11,000 people in Scotland live with the condition, which affects simple, day-to-day tasks such as walking, talking and remembering things. The symptoms are also invisible, meaning that people with MS suffer in silence.


With a £50 start-up investment, courtesy of our sponsors “Cochran Dickie”, you could help to change the prospects of people with MS. 


You can do whatever you want with the money (as long as it’s ethical and legal!): invest it in the stock-market, run a fundraising event at work, gather items for an auction, set sporting challenges or organise social activities to raise money.


Can you compete with the best business brains in the West of Scotland?


Put your money-making acumen to the test to leverage as much return as possible for people with MS.


We’ll give you four months to do it. 


The team that raises the most will gain the prestigious honour of winning the coveted Revive MS Support £50 Challenge trophy. 


Cochran Dickie are generously sponsoring this year’s challenge, so all the money you raise will directly support people affected by Multiple Sclerosis (MS) in Glasgow and across the West of Scotland.


How does it work?


1.  Get your team together and complete the online form at the bottom of this e-mail.

2.  We’ll be in touch with your £50 investment and fundraising support.

3.  Reinvest/fundraise using the funds, over the four months, and raise as much as you can.

4. This year’s challenge will launch on the 1stof May 2018.


What are the benefits for your business...

1.  Increased exposure – Revive MS has a large network of support in the West of Scotland;

2. Fun and engaging PR and social media opportunities - don't forget to use #revivems50Challenge;

3.  Networking potential with other participating businesses.

4.  Help to fulfil your Corporate Social Responsibility objectives.

5.  Engagement of staff in work that supports some of the most vulnerable people in your locale;

6. Participation in a morale-boosting team effort;

7. Increased engagement with clients, customers and suppliers.


A message from our sponsor

“All of us at Cochran Dickie are thrilled to be sponsoring the £50 Challenge. It’s great because it encourages people in different teams and roles to work together, share their ideas and engage with the wider business community, where there is a huge amount of support for Revive MS Support. Try it in your business – the challenge will take on a life of its own and it is fascinating to see who comes to the fore and drives it forward.”

Fiona B. Cameron, Director, Cochran Dickie



Tweet #revivems50Challenge 


Here are the terms in the £50 Challenge Agreement, with a few helpful hints to get you get started. Raise as much as you can and, above all, enjoy the challenge!


Some do's and don'ts 


  • Do ensure that all written communications with the public (including letters, emails, posters, etc.) include the words ‘in aid of Revive MS Support (Scottish Charity no. SC022886)’.
  • Do try and come up with something innovative!
  • Do your research – risk assessment, legal requirements, licences, insurance etc.
  • Do ensure that you have the necessary licence or consent from the relevant local authority before you undertake street collections or collections in public areas. You do not require a permit to collect in private areas e.g. your workplace, but you should get the permission of your employer.
  • Do get in touch with your local Corporate Partnerships Fundraiserfor help and advice.
  • Do be enthusiastic – your enthusiasm will be infectious. Don’t get too despondent – not everyone you ask will help or get involved.
  • Don’t forget to ask for ‘gifts in kind’ that you can sell on - it’s not all about cold hard cash! Don’t forget to use the profit/loss sheet.
  • Don’t forget to check the legal requirements if you’re holding a raffle.
  • Don’t be afraid to tell anyone and everyone about what you are doing - you never know when someone may be able to help by donating funds or coming up with a good idea.


Ethical guidelines


All fundraising activities undertaken must be done ethically. Donations received should not come from any of the following sources:


  • Crime or fraudulent activity;
  • Armaments (however you can accept funds from this sector, e.g. the Armed Forces (MOD);
  • Pornography;
  • Child labour;
  • Gambling including scratch cards (raffles are permitted in compliance with guidelines set out in your information pack). If you are unsure whether a donation or activity may be deemed unethical, please get in touch with caroline@revivemssupport.org.ukin the first instance. 


Are you up for joining us for this incredibly exciting challenge? We have created a closed Facebook group for you to join where you can share and discuss your progress with other participants. This will be sure to stir friendly competition and help motivate your team to raise the most money! Once you register you will be sent the full details of how to join the group. 

Go ahead!  Fill in this form to register nowRevive MS Support: 50 Club Challenge 


Further enquiries, or any questions, please contact: 

Caroline McGuinness - caroline@revivemssupport.org.uk, tel: 0141 945 3344