COVID-19 Statement from Revive MS Support

Coronavirus Statement from Revive MS Support

Any virus, especially one like COVID-19, can be more severe to people with MS as many may have suppressed immune systems. This is mainly due to medication, as disease-modifying drugs work on different parts of the immune system to reduce the inflammation caused by MS to nerve cells in the brain and spinal cord. Our top priority is to ensure the safety of our clients, carers, staff and volunteers at all times.

We are therefore asking everyone who comes to the Centre to follow these precautions to help minimise the risk of infection:

· Use the hand sanitiser provided when entering the building

· If you have had direct contact with someone who has the virus do not come to the Centre for 2 weeks

· Please do not come into the Centre for 2 weeks following your arrival date back into the UK if you have travelled to any of the countries that have a high risk of the virus, including Iran, China, Northern Italy and South Korea.

To find out more about Coronavirus or COVID-19, i.e. the sypmtoms, who is most at risk, or who needs to self-isolate go to NHS Inform.  The guidance is constantly evolving and everybody is advised to follow updates on the NHS Inform site.  We will be publishing any new guidance that emerges.

In the meantime, if you cough or sneeze follow the standard hand hygiene advice:

Catch it, Bin it, Kill it.

Stay safe everyone, don’t be complacent about hand hygiene and look after each other.