We are looking for an Outreach Driver to work the 3rd and 4th Thursday of each month, 8:30am to 4:30pm. The role is to provide transport to and from the outreach for people with Multiple Sclerosis using a specially equipped vehicle.

Main Duties

1. Load the vehicle with outreach equipment and drive from the main centre in Govan to the outreach at Carluke and Hamilton.
2. Unload the vehicle on arrival and then reload and return it to Govan at the close of the clinic.

3. Drive passengers to/from their destination, ensuring that all walking aids, wheelchairs and any other items to be conveyed are safely stowed and secured.

4. Use the specialised equipment within the vehicle.

5. Look after the general maintenance of the vehicle and its equipment:
• keep the vehicle fuelled.
• check tyres.
• check specialised equipment.

6. Report any problems with the running or safety of the vehicle and its equipment.

7. Liaise with Outreach Coordinator regarding scheduling of journeys.

8. Work with the Outreach Coordinator to schedule journeys which will provide
the greatest benefit i.e. least stress and fatigue to people with Multiple Sclerosis who are passengers.

9. Assist passengers with Multiple Sclerosis to access and leave the vehicle using its specialist equipment when necessary.

10. Report any difficulties experienced by passengers with Multiple Sclerosis using the vehicle.

11. Ensure that as an employee you meet the full requirements of the Environmental Health Regulations and The Health and Safety at Work Act:
• keep a clean driving licence.
• maintain Manual Handling Certificate.
• pay due regard to personal hygiene.

12. Any other duties designated by the Outreach Coordinator.

Person Specification:

Hold a current, valid licence. Be aged over 21 years

Have a helpful and caring manner
Be sensitive to the needs, including mobility needs, of people with disabilities and a commitment to their equal rights.
Have the ability to communicate effectively.