Artists Commission                                    July 2016

1. Introduction

Revive MS Support (Revive) is a registered Scottish Charity (SC022886) that has been supporting people who are living with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) and their carers for nearly 33 years.

Since its foundation in 1984 Revive has delivered its services from a Therapy Centre based in Maryhill, Glasgow. For many reasons these premises are no longer fit for purpose.

Revive has now successfully raised £1m and recently bought new premises, Pavilion 7 in Moorpark Court, Govan, Glasgow, and work is currently underway to fit out the building as a new Therapy treatment and Administration Centre.  The planned date of the move from the current premises to Moorpark Court is mid-September 2016.

Facilities in the new Centre will include individual treatment rooms to deliver therapies such as physiotherapy, acupuncture, reflexology, aromatherapy and speech and language therapy. There will also be rooms for consultations such as with our MS Nurse, counsellor or welfare officer.  Other facilities will include a suite to house the Barometric Oxygen Chamber for oxygen therapy, a purpose built gym for physiotherapy and exercise classes, a reception area, comfortable and welcoming café and a meeting area for support and social groups.  In addition Revive is introducing a new tele-health service enabling support and advice on line when needed. It will be the only centre of its kind in Scotland.

Revive MS Support now wishes to commission an artist/designer to create a suitable artwork for the Reception Area within the new Therapy and Administration Centre.

2. Application Process

Stage 1 - Statements of Interest

Artists interested in applying should send a ‘Statement of Interest’ together with a brief CV and around 7 images (with an image list) of their previous work (as a Powerpoint or PDF) by email to by Tuesday 16th August 2016.

A selection panel will consider all applications received and select up to three artists to go forward to Stage 2 of this process. Artists selected to Stage 2 will be notified by Tuesday 30th August 2016.

Stage 2 - Proposal

£100 will be made available to each invited artist to prepare their proposal.

The proposal must include:
a)  sketch designs and/or visualisations
b)  explanation of the concept behind the design
c)  details of how the work would be implemented within the timescale ie research     time/preparation, production time and delivery
d)  breakdown of expenses within the allocated budget of £3,700.

Proposals must be submitted by Monday 24th October 2016. They can be sent by email to or by post to Cara Thom at

Revive MS Support, Moorpark Court, 29 Dava Street, Govan, Glasgow, G51 2JA.  

A Panel will meet on Monday 31st October to select one artist to undertake the commission.

Stage 3 – Commission deadlines

A mock up/illustration/outline of the Artwork will be required by Monday 21st November for showcasing at a Reception event planned at the Centre on Thursday 24th November 2016.  The selected artist will be required to attend this event, although availability will not be a condition of selection. 

The final Artwork must be completed and installed in time for the Official Opening of the Centre which is planned for MS awareness week (29 April - 4 May).

Timeline Summary

Date Action
Tuesday 16th August 2016 Deadline for Statements of Interest, CV’s and images. A Panel will consider submissions and select up 3 artists to Stage 2.
Tuesday 30th August 2016 Stage 2. £100 will be made available to up to 3 invited artists to submit their proposal. Details of requirements for submission can be found in the Commission Brief
Monday 24th October 2016 Deadline for proposals by selected artists
Monday 31st October 2016 A Panel meets to select artist for the commission
Monday 21st November 2016 Stage 3. ‘Mock-up’ (to be discussed with selected Artist) required by this date for showcasing at Reception event at the Centre
End April 2017 Artwork completed and installed in time for Official Opening of the Centre – planned for MS Awareness Week,   29 April 2017

3. Artists Brief

i) Background
The purpose of this commission is to:
a. Provide a permanent recognition of the support that has enabled Revive to buy and fit out the new Centre. There are some 40 organisations/companies/individuals who have made donations towards the cost of the move; amounts range from £203,000 down to £1,000. Revive would like to see their names/logos incorporated into the main Artwork or linked to the Artwork in some way.

b. Provide an attractive/intriguing/inspiring addition that reflects the ethos of the charity, which will be featured in a Reception area that will also be used as a seating area for people waiting for Therapy appointments.  
Revive recognises that it can be difficult to make a commission of this nature relevant to the organisation and its service users and is therefore open to proposals that seek to involve service users in the design of the Artwork.

ii) Specific Constraints
The Reception area cannot accommodate an Artwork that is free standing.

The Artwork must be prepared off site and brought in ready to be fixed to the wall(s). Details of the weight restriction will be included in this section as soon as they are known.

The Artwork should not require an electricity supply.

The Artwork may be moved to another area of the Centre after a few years.  The Artwork fixing(s) should take account of this requirement.

iii) Materials
The brief does not specify the materials to be used but they are expected to be high quality.

iv) Other Considerations
This commission is part of a 2 Year fundraising Campaign #TheNextStep which concludes on 31st March 2017. It is therefore likely that there will be around 10 additional names/logos that will have to be included within the design.  Revive has therefore allocated 2 weeks between the conclusion of the Campaign and the deadline for the finished Artwork in April for any last few names to be added.

ii) Site
The site of the Artwork is on the wall to the left of the entrance to the Reception Area. There are three spaces available. Artists may use just one or all three sections. Photographs of the area are included at Appendix A with measurements.  More detailed photographs will be incorporated into this brief as the fit out progresses.


The selected artist will be required to sign a contract for the work agreed which will include a schedule of staged payments and further technical details for the work and installation. 

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