Vision & Values

Our Vision…

is a Scotland where people affected by Multiple Sclerosis have access to all the services and support they need, where and when they need them.

Our Mission Statement:

“To be Scotland’s leading provider of support for people living with MS, including family and carers, enhancing their well-being and empowering them to live full and productive lives.”

Our Values:

To fulfil this mission we accompany each individual on a guided journey of therapeutic care characterised by:

  • Valuing every person
  • Listening with empathy
  • Encouraging independence while maintaining dignity
  • Providing a specialist team of staff dedicated to making a real difference
  • Tailoring our services to each person
  • Working with the individual not the condition
  • Offering choices based on professional assessment
  • Providing a safe place for peer support through shared experiences
  • Enabling people to take ownership of their care process through self management
  • Supporting/encouraging families and carers