History of Revive MS Support

Revive MS Support traces its roots back to a small membership organisation called ‘Glasgow Friends of ARMS’ which came into being in 1984.  Action and Research into Multiple Sclerosis (“ARMS”) was a nationwide network of local support groups determined to improve life for everyone affected by MS.

As the membership base, activities and remit gradually increased, the organisation became ‘MS Action Glasgow’ in 1991, quickly expanding to ‘MS Action Strathclyde’ in 1994. By 2001, the charity was beginning to develop more of a national reach at which point ‘Revive Scotland’ was born.  The charity’s operating name was updated to the current name of ‘Revive MS Support’ in 2007.

We touch many lives day to day, and have our brilliant staff team at our Centre in Glasgow and Outreach clinics.  We particularly need to thank our volunteers and supporters over the years for enabling us to continue our ongoing and valuable work. Our lovely Ambassador, Jenny Wilson-Best, sums up her journey with Revive, and MS, beautifully:

"When I was diagnosed with MS a few years ago I didn't know where to turn. I have been a successful opera singer for 30 years singing all over the world. I had to come to terms with the fact that my body was letting me down and could no longer do the job that I loved. I felt emotionally and physically I was no longer able to be the same person. I couldn't be the wife I wanted to be or the friend I have always been. I walked through the doors of Revive MS Support and gradually found I could be all these things...and more.

REVIVE offer many different therapies but for me it was the 'Fatigue Management Group' that allowed me to find myself again. I renamed it 'Anger Management' then 'Sadness Management'  and finally to 'Acceptance Management'. I cried a lot but I don't cry anymore. Now I get on with  my life and live it to the full. I still suffer fatigue and chronic pain and have learnt how to use my wheelchair but thanks to REVIVE I have found a path upon which I can walk."

— Jenny, client of Revive MS Support

To hear more from Jenny as well as a range of people that are involved in Revive, please watch our 30th anniversary video to hear more about our journey since 1984.