Most commonly, FES is used for a dropped foot (the inability to lift the foot and toes up) when swinging the leg during walking. 

Electrodes are placed on the skin and are connected to a battery operated stimulator which generates electrical impulses and excites the nerves leading to the muscles. A footswitch is placed within the shoe, under the heel, and detects pressure change to start and stop the stimulation whilst walking. FES can help people walk with less effort and with more confidence. 

This treatment can be accessed via a Revive physiotherapy appointment.

What to expect?

Once referred, you will undergo a full assessment by one of our 3 physiotherapists who are fully trained FES clinicians. This step is important as this treatment is not suitable for every individual. Once approved, your physio will monitor your progress and make sure that the pads are correctly placed and working as they should for you.

Possible benefits of FES:

  • Forces functional movement via electrical stimulation to unresponsive or weak muscles
  • Wearing a foot switch triggered stimulator can help to correct drop foot
  • Overall increased mobility
  • Reduced fatigue when walking - the foot switch triggered stimulator can maintain the use of walking muscles for longer periods of time, so an individual uses less energy when moving about

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