Our Yoga class takes place weekly and lasts for approximately one hour. A sequence of yoga postures are incorporated into this class which aim to improve flexibility and strength, by controlled movements, breathing exercises and stretching.

Simpler alternatives are explained for participants to work at their own level. We start sitting on chairs and then move to the floor where you will be sitting, kneeling or lying. The final 15 minutes includes a relaxation session. 

Classes are:
Every Tuesday at 1.00pm, Govan Centre, Glasgow

Why Yoga?

Yoga has been practiced for over 5,000 years and is best known for its use as a form of alternative medicine. It uses a combination of breathing exercises, physical postures and meditation. Yoga is believed to calm the nervous system and balance the body, mind and spirit. It is thought by its practitioners to prevent specific diseases and maladies by keeping the energy meridians open and life energy flowing. Yoga has been used to lower blood pressure, reduce stress, and improve co-ordination, flexibility, concentration, sleep and digestion.

Possible benefits of Yoga:

  • can be adapted to an individual’s ability
  • can improve flexibility and strength
  • can lessen fatigue and increase energy level - fatigue is one of the most difficult and hidden symptoms of MS
  • can improve muscle tone and reduce muscle spasms
  • can improve balance

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