Here at Revive we offer a weekly Pilates class that lasts for approximately one hour. This class will improve your posture and body alignment by guiding you through slow controlled movements focusing on body awareness.

Classes are:
1.00pm every Thursday at Govan Centre, Glasgow

Our Pilates teachers will create a comprehensive exercise programme for each participant with the aim of restoring a greater sense of balance. We start standing, holding onto chairs, and then move to the floor where you will be sitting, kneeling and lying on your front back and side. Participants can work at their own pace.

Why Pilates?

Pilates has become a popular way to relieve MS symptoms because anyone can take part, regardless of  their level of fitness or ability. During a session you can except to execute various slow, measured, repetitive movements, all with the intention of strengthening and balancing lesser-used muscles as well as improving core strength.

Possible benefits of Pilates:

  • concentrates on core muscles, which are important for overall stability and balance
  • has no impact on joints
  • build muscle strength
  • teaches body awareness which is useful for MS sufferers that endure numbness
  • improves muscle elasticity and joint mobility, so is great for those who suffer with stiffness
  • promotes proper breathing and smooth, flowing movements, which are both natural stress relievers

For more information on our Pilates class, please call us on 0141 945 3344, send us an email or use our contact us form.

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