Keep Moving & Keep Active!

'Keep Moving & Keep Active!' is a fun, accessible exercise class led by an experienced Physiotherapist and Physiotherapy Assistant.

Classes are:
Every Monday at Govan Centre, from 1.15pm - 2.45pm.

The class starts with 45-60 minutes of individual activities, consisting of a mixture of upper body, lower body and balance exercises. The last 30 minutes are dedicated to group work (usual on music), and it finishes with a short relaxation period.

The class is designed for people who would like to maximise their physical potentials and maintain their level of function, especially in terms of mobility and balance.

'Keep Moving & Keep Active!' gives people a chance to exercise and socialise in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere. If there is only one member of staff at the group, more time will be spent on group activities and relaxation.

The class can be accessed via any of Revive’s Physiotherapists. Contact Isabel or David for more information on 0141 945 3344 or send us an email or use our contact us form.

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