You may be experiencing a lot of emotions following a diagnosis of MS. We understand that it can be overwhelming and have developed a number of groups over the years which you might find helpful.  These groups are facilitated by a staff member, but are led by those attending the group. 

These groups take place several times throughout the year and aim to dispel some of the myths of MS, as well as providing some answers to your questions in a relevant and relaxed way.  Family and friends are also very welcome to attend. 

The groups are run in a very informal way, specific topics are addressed each week usually by a visiting health professional, with time for discussion and questions afterwards. 

Please be aware that we are currently running a reduced service and we are currently working on updating the website to reflect these post-lockdown changes.  Please go to the news section of our website for the most up-to-date information about groups and classes.  Alternatively, contact 0141 945 3344 Monday-Thursday and speak to one of our receptionists for current information.


Keep Moving & Keep Active!

'Keep Moving & Keep Active!' is a fun, accessible exercise class led by an experienced Physiotherapist and Physiotherapy Assistant.

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Here at Revive we offer a weekly Pilates class that lasts for approximately one hour. This class will improve your posture and body alignment by guiding you through slow controlled movements focusing on body awareness. Classes are:

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Our Yoga class takes place weekly and lasts for approximately one hour. A sequence of yoga postures are incorporated into this class which aim to improve flexibility and strength, by controlled movements, breathing exercises and stretching. Simpler alternatives are explained for participants to work at their own level. We start sitting on chairs and then move to the floor where you will be sitting, kneeling or lying. The final 15 minutes includes a relaxation session.

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Wheelchair Class

The Wheelchair Exercise Group has been an established part of the input at Revive MS Support for a number of years and has proved beneficial to both clients and therapists.

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Circuits For Guys

Circuit training is a form of body conditioning. Our classes are easy to follow and consist of a dozen different exercises which target strength as well as muscular endurance, but also aim to improve body awareness and balance.

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Fatigue Management

Fatigue is one of the most common and debilitating “hidden” symptoms of MS. Fatigue Self-Management courses take place on a regular basis at Revive MS Support’s Govan centre and at our Outreach clinics.

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Memory Matters

It is common for people with MS to experience problems with thinking and memory. Difficulties with remembering things, concentration, finding the right word or following conversations can have an effect on everyday life, resulting in emotional, social and practical difficulties.

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For more information Revive Groups and Classes, please contact us on 0141 945 3344